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Our EUROPA ‘G’ imports have become so popular with USA ‘G’ enthusiasts they sell before we

post them on our page. Call me and let’s get the next fresh offered ‘G’!!!

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Our updates have not been as often as we would like because our fresh offerings sell as soon as we

hear of them, and before we can post. Please let me know what you would like, and I am sure we will

have an offering for you soon.

Call or email with any G.Wagen interest or concerns. Our customer service department of highly

knowledgeable specialists is second to none. We can help with technical support, finding a

service center, parts (new, used and fabricated), value appraisal, explain the G.Wagen to state

DMVs and insurance companies... and, of course, buying and selling G.Wagens.

Tell us what you want and we will get it for you.

2006 G500 Cabrio

(In USA)

Mocha Black with Tan Leather,

50,500 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

“This would be the best 

Christmas Gift ever”

2013 G500 Cabrio Rare in USA (In USA)

One of the Last G-Cabrio 

Built. Perfect! Obsidian Black 

with Porcelain Leather,

17,500 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

2005 G500 


(In Reichenburg SZ)

Black with Black Leather,

76,500 Miles, USA Delivery 

10 Months.

1990 230GE 


New Soft Top and Hard Top (In USA)

Black with Black Leather,

158,500 Miles Miles,

Ready for Delivery!

2017 G550 4X4 Squared (In USA)

Iridium Silver / Black Leather

Very Rare! Great Value,

4,900 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

2003 G500 Cabrio (In USA)

Dark Green / Tan Leather,

18,500 Miles, Ready for 


2013 G500 Cabrio Power Top (In Dusseldorf)

Iridium Silver / Gray Leather,

9,000 Miles,

USA Delivery 11 Months!

2014 G500 Cabrio “FE” BRABUS

(In Europe)

Platinum Black / Brown Leather, 3,000 Miles,

USA Delivery 11 Months!

2013 G500 Cabrio Power Top (In USA)

“One of the last G Cabrio built” 

Black / Black Leather,

26,000 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

2012 G500 Cabrio Power Top 

(In Monaco)

Magnetic Black / Brown 

Leather & Top,

24,000 Miles,

USA Delivery 11 Months!

2000 EUROPA G500 LWB

(In USA)

Exceptional Condition! Green / Gray,

41,000 Miles, Ready 

for Delivery!

1982 250GD

Air Conditioning

(In USA)

Perfect Full Restoration Green / Black, 37,000 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

2018 G350d


(In Hannover)

China Blue with Black Cloth,

5,000 Miles, USA Delivery 

11 Months!

2012 G500 “BA3

Final Edition”

(In Dubai)

Black with Black Leather,

20,000 Miles, USA Delivery

11 Months!

1997 High 


Turbo Diesel (In USA)

Green with Custom Tan  Leather,

Winch / Custom Bumpers

H. Bead Locks & More,

60,000 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

2017 G350d 


1 of only 2 in 

the USA

White with Black Cloth,

37,000 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

2016 G350d 


(In Leipzig)

Polar White with Black Cloth,

14,000 Miles, USA Delivery 

11 months!

1988 240GD RHD

(In Germany)

Perfect Condition Green

No: AC, Heat, Doors or 

Windshield, 5,700 Miles, 

USA Delivery 6 Months!

1992 603GD 

Turbo Diesel (In USA)

Manual 5 speed, No AC No Rust,

142,700 Miles, Ready for Delivery!

1993 290GD 

Turbo Diesel (In USA)

461 Chassis Very Rare 

Find in USA, 90,000 Miles, 

Ready for Delivery!

Our Restoration Shop can turn your ‘G’ into the Adventure

Traveler you want!!!

Call me today to

discuss your

Custom build.

We are offering a removable

hard top NEW!. Will fit the power

top Cabrio 1998-2014.

Our EUROPA G imports have 

become so popular with USA ‘G’ 

enthusiasts they sell before we 

post them on our page. Call me 

and let’s get the next fresh

offered ‘G’!!! Russ 505-470-9412



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SERVICES OFFERED! We can HELP with any G-WAGEN issues for USA owners. Appraisals, 

Tech Support, New and Used Parts, Full and Partial Restoration, Customizing for any application,

All Importation Needs. We can find or build a ‘G’ for all applications! We help with DMV! We help 

with Insurance settlements! We help our Clients find the best service centers!

Please Call for All Info and More Photos!  New Offerings Daily!

Russell J. Leabch, Phone: 505-470-9412, Email: russ@gwagen.com

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